Finding The Best Mouse Traps For Your Infestation | Humane Mouse Trap. Best live homemade electronic mousetrap.

Finding The Best Mouse Traps For Your Infestation

Finding The Best Mouse Traps For Your Infestation

Businesses and homes alike can use sticky mouse traps for their mice problems. These problems are especially prevalent in restaurants, homes near cities and homes in the country.

I recently moved into a home a few months ago, and there was a hillside behind the house. We didn’t think anything of it since the house was still in a nice neighborhood, but lo and behold we had tons of field mice coming around our deck and doors. This really was a pain because we didn’t have a screen door on our backdoor, so we would just leave the doors open sometimes to keep cool. This allowed a couple of mice to find their way inside. And let me tell you, I think field mice are the worst! These guys are much smaller than regular mice, very fast, and very hard to get rid of.

Finally, we decided to buy some mouse traps. We bought both mouse glue traps and humane mouse traps. It was hard to determine the best mouse traps, as they both worked very well. For sticky mouse traps, you can quite literally place these anywhere and the mice simply step on them and are caught. These are very non-technical and just about anyone can set them up!

The humane mouse traps, we found, were just as effective as the sticky mouse traps plus, they were obviously gentler on the little guys. Once the mice have been caught inside the humane mouse traps, you still need to make sure you release them in a location far away from your home and other people’s homes. If you really want to be humane, take the trap to a park or the woods and let the mice go there!

Because we didn’t have screens, we also had some problems on our deck and house regarding flies. Of course, flies can be just as annoying as mice. They get on your food and they buzz around like they own the place! So, we also got disposable fly traps as well. These simply hang from the door frame and as the flies come in, they get stuck to the disposable fly traps. Once you catch enough you can throw them away and use new ones.

These traps contain a different ahesive product than the sticky mouse traps. The mice traps have an almost palpable glue substance on them, whereas the disposable fly traps are more like a sticky paper. That’s understandable since mice are heavier than flies.

There are also rat traps available as well, which might come in handy if you live in New York or another big city like that! I lived in New York awhile back and though we didn’t have rat problems in our home, some people we talked to had some real horror stories. For these pests, large sticky mouse traps are usually able get the job done.

Poor little fella. No, I did NOT do this to the mouse. I forgot where I found this video, but it is not originally mine.
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