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Mouse in my truck

I received this email from Julie, who successfully used the cola bottle mouse trap design to capture a mouse that was living in her truck!

“Darn! I didn’t get a picture of the mouse I caught with this trap! Anyhow, I had a mouse inside my pickup of all places. I noticed it just yesterday when I turned my A/C on and a bunch of foam pieces blew out. I was on my way to work and had to hold off on taking care of the mouse for the time being. When I got off from work at 11pm guess who was sitting in my driver’s door window looking right at me. Of course it scampered away into some hiding place in my truck. When I got home I hit the inet for ideas and found your site. I built the trap the very next day using a cracker & a gob of peanut butter on it for bait. I checked later (after dark) and the mouse had been in, ate the peanut butter, and left the trap. So then I cut the middle out of another two liter bottle and used it as an extension by duct taping it to the first one and reattaching the inverted lid to the extension. I checked an hour later and there was the mouse! It was a field mouse I probably picked up last week on a camping trip. At any rate I set him free. I am so happy this worked. I don’t have to worry about my wiring in the truck, my conscious is clean because I didn’t have to use a horrible method like poison or a trap, and the mouse can happily move on with its purposeful life. Thanks very much for your help! Let me know if you want a picture of the trap. I do still have that.

Take care.

Thanks for sharing Julie

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