Ralph’s DIY Mouse Trap

I recently received this email from Ralph K.-

First of all, thank you so much for your genius mouse trap design! My mother
had a mouse in her house and as most women (for some reason that I still don’t
understand :-) ) she was not too thrilled about the situation. We tried to catch
the mouse with 3 regular mouse traps (the kind that doesn’t kill it). The next
morning the cheese in all three traps was gone and the doors were shut (don’t
ask me, how that was possible). So my mother got even more nervous and called
some “professional mouse hunters” and they came and put poisoned bait
everywhere. By that time I found your mouse trap on the internet and I gave it a
try. Sure enough just a few hours after I placed the trap, the mouse was in it!
I was a bit surprised too, that it worked so fast and so efficiently and best of
all, without killing the little fellow. Needless to say, that I am now my
mother’s hero (even more so, than before :-) )…

So your trap works just great.
As bait I used cereals, and a whole wheat cookie. And instead of the oil spray, I
just used butter!

I also used some books to make sure the mouse
was able to get into the trap. I am not sure if this was necessary. Unfortunately I couldn’t
take a picture of the mouse in it, because my mother was so anxious for me to
get the mouse out of the house, that I didn’t have time to get my camera….

So as you can see, I love your trap! Thanks again and happy mouse hunting.

best regards, Ralph K.

Thanks Ralph!

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