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The Most Inhumane Humane Mouse Trap

ketchall The Most Inhumane Humane Mouse Trap

While browsing, I came across the “Ketch-All” live mouse trap by Kness Manufacturing.

Just looking at the device and reading the description was enough to throw up a red flag (it is mechanical, you wind it up). I noticed that it did not get real good reviews either. So I decided to see what people were saying about the Ketch-All.

What I found was shocking to say the least. This thing should be called the “mouse mangler” according to one review writer, because that is what it does about 50% of the time. Mice were reportedly getting trapped in the mechanism, being mangled, pinched and crushed. Next to the glue trap, this has to be the most inhumane trap you could possibly use. And this was only one the reviews- there were several others telling similar stories.

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