Build your own humane Mouse Trap in less than 10 Minutes! Using a Cola Bottle!

So you have came to our website because you have a mouse or mice living in your house! and you want to catch and release them back into the wild as soon as possible without harming the little creatures!

If you would like to catch the mouse quickly we suggest to make your own humane mouse trap in less than 30 minutes which is as effective as the commercial traps using some house hold items that everyone has lying around then please purchase our eBook which has a step by step instructions with full colour photos showing the simple steps to make your own re-usable humane mouse trap . Its currently on special offer at just $3.99 and once you purchase you will be emailed a link to download the eBook within minutes.
See the reviews below from some of the thousands of people who have purchased our diy mouse trap ebook!

The humane mouse trap I designed has no moving parts, does not need to be set, is not harmful to kids or pets can be made in 10 minutes or less, using inexpensive and readily available materials that you probably already have, and best of all- IT WON’T HURT THE MOUSE.

The story behind this trap: The reason this website is here is quite simple. At work one day, I saw a mouse caught in a sticky trap. What’s worse, my co-workers were laughing and poking at him with a pencil. It was after this that the I decided to come up with an easy to build trap that would not hurt mice. After drawing up and kicking around some pretty lame ideas, I had nearly given up but then I came up with this brilliant idea on how to make a “humane mouse trap” from common household items. I have dedicated this web site to this Humane Mice Trap. Check out some of the positive feedback I have received from people who have downloaded my eBook at the end of this post.

Buy the eBook with detailed easy to follow printable instructions with photos on how to make your own Humane Mouse Trap now for only $3.99

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pixel Build your own humane Mouse Trap in less than 10 Minutes! Using a Cola Bottle!

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A word of caution- Mice, though cute and harmless looking, can carry harmful diseases. Be sure you take this into account when handling them or this trap

Below are some of the comments left by people who built there own humane mouse trap with our easy to follow ebook.
Niki Termin on June 18th, 2008
Thanks so much for your help. We could not find a humane trap anywhere and we did not have time to order one. Grandpa was only going to give us one chance until the kids asked him if he was going to eat the mouse because that is the only reason to kill anything (the kids are 5 and 6). He gave us another night and we saved this one. I hope he continues to use this trap when we leave.
This was such a great idea. I think we will use it in science fairs with the kids. My husband found it on line and emailed it to me and I did it by myself with the help of a friend and the kids. Did you think of this yourself? How do you know so much about mice?

Thanks again. Instead of seeing a mouse murder my kids got to see a live mouse and set it free.


Pam Hickey on June 29th, 2008

What a great trap!! I bought the live trap from hav-a-hart and I swear they wouldn?t go near it, but yours works like a charm. I had an entire herd, or whatever a whole bunch is called, in my crawl space, using my a/c ducts for movement to avoid my cats. Thanks to your trap, I have now relocated the entire family to an abandoned shed on the far end of my property. Removal was easy as well. I simply removed the bowl and deposited them with all their goodies onto the floor of the shed.

Many thanks!

Pam Borden on June 30th, 2008

Thanks so much for the mouse trap design. I hate hearing the trap snap in the night and glue traps are a horrible thing to do to the poor little guys. You have done it! You HAVE built a better mouse trap. And now I will go build yours. I saw ?Mickey? scampering across my kitchen floor yesterday . . . .You rock!

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